RPower’s solar unit produces 30 million units

The 40 MW solar photovoltaic (PV) plant of Reliance Power in Rajasthan has generated over 30 million units of solar power in the first six months of the current financial year, company officials said.

Confirming this, a company spokesman said that the project benefited from delayed monsoon this year, and its location advantage in Rajasthan.

The unit is located in Dhursar, Pokaran in Rajasthan and was constructed in record 129 days. Since commissioning, the plant generated 3.0378 crore kW/hr of energy.

Solar modules

According to company officials, the higher generation was on account of the plant using thin film solar modules which are highly suitable for hot areas like Rajasthan.

Apart from this, the location of the plant is in one of the highest sun irradiance areas in India. With the absence of sand dunes in surrounding areas, the loss on account of soiling is lower.

It was set up with an investment of Rs.700 crore.

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