Ogilvy PR ties up with Duo Consulting

CHENNAI NOV. 7. Public relations firm Ogilvy PR has entered into a strategic alliance with Delhi-based Duo Consulting Pvt. Ltd., an outfit that specialises in regulatory issues, to provide clients comprehensive solutions to address business-impacting issues arising out of policy-induced rules. According to Balinder Singh, Partner, Head of Office, Ogilvy PR Worldwide, the alliance will bridge the `gap' in the range of services that the Indian outfit at present offers. Ogilvy PR, he said, had been providing clients solutions to business problems caused by regulatory issues in places like Washington DC, London, Brussels and Beijing. The move for such an alliance, it is pointed out, is triggered by the realisation that relationships with governments could not be just wished away even in a de-regulated environment. Management of compliance issues and bureaucratic processs, Mr. Singh felt, needed right guidance on a continuous basis in view of the fast-changing regulatory practices.

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