Nokia enters WLL market

NEW DELHI DEC. 4. Days before the Supreme Court is scheduled to state whether mobility in Wireless in local loop (WLL) service infringes the National Telecom Policy `99, Nokia today announced the availability of GSM technology based WLL infrastructure in India.

So far, companies like Reliance, Tatas and Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) are offering WLL in India based on the rival CDMA technology while several cellular mobile companies have gone to court claiming that WLL licences permitting mobility should not have been given at much easier terms and conditions.

Nokia's claim, if tenable, of cheaper and easier roll out of WLL service on the basis of GSM technology, is aimed at encouraging existing GSM based cellular mobile phone providers to seriously consider this alternative since many of them have WLL licences as well.

The cellular phone companies could provide GSM based WLL services at a lesser tariff, suggested Nokia Mobile's Asia Pacific Vice-President, Nigel Rundstrom.

This type of a deployment will lower not only the overall capital expenditure but also the operational costs of running the network since one network is able to offer both mobile and WLL services. Such a convergent network deployment methodology will be a crucial advantage for mobile operators, claims Mr. Rundstrom.

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