Microsoft to release SFU 3 version

HYDERABAD MAY 9. Microsoft Corporation on Thursday announced the release for manufacturing of version 3.0 of its Services for UNIX (SFU 3.0) that was developed at Microsoft's India Development Centre here. The product would be available in the market by the end of the second quarter of this financial year.

"SFU 3.0 is the first in a series of complete products that are being developed by the India Development Centre to be released on the world market this year,'' Srini Koppolu, Managing Director of Microsoft's India Development Centre was quoted as saying in a press release.

SFU 3.0 is a "breakthrough'' version that provides "seamless interoperability between UNIX and Windows for effective co-existence in a heterogeneous work environment, as well as a powerful set of tools for smooth migration to Windows 2000.''

The product provides a full UNIX environment that runs on the Windows kernel which allows Windows and UNIX applications to run on a single system.

This would lower the total cost of IT systems ownership by enabling customers to consolidate diverse platforms. Microsoft claims that with SFU 3.0 users can access files seamlessly between machines running Windows and UNIX using the product's Network File System.

The integration provided by SFU 3.0 allows users to select the best environment for the work at hand without any significant staff retraining or re-programming of custom applications, thus reducing both costs and time. Software vendors with UNIX applications in the market can widen their products' reach through the SFU 3.0 since this level of integration between these traditionally rival platforms would also allow UNIX applications to run on Windows without changing their original UNIX code base.

"We know customers that have existing UNIX investments which are at the end of their life cycle or that want to move off UNIX to lower IT costs. SFU 3.0 address these concerns,'' according to S. Somasegar, Corporate Vice President, Windows Engineering Services and Solutions Division.

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