Microsoft outlines vision for Indian developer community

BANGALORE NOV. 13. India ranks high on Microsoft's vision programme of the Digital Decade. With a four lakh strong developer community projected to touch 1.3 million by 2006, the sub-continent's software professional pool "would partner Microsoft in building applications with a focus on the .NET platform. I am very impressed with the .NET developments happening here and more will happen in the future,'' asserted Microsoft Corporation's Chief Software Architect and Chairman, Bill Gates.

Addressing the developer community at Infosys Campus here, Mr. Gates emphasised the importance of a developer's role in the software lifecycle. Given the quality of Indian education and the brand value created by the Indian software industry globally, the developer community has great potential to drive this growth further.

Som Mittal, Vice-Chairman, Nasscom, remarked that globally, India had the second largest Microsoft-Certified Profes- sionals after the U.S.

Kiran Karnaik, President, Nasscom, and S. M. Krishna, Chief Minister, Karnataka, were also present on the occassion.

"India is a country which has so much promise for us, whether it is software services or back-office processes (operations), Microsoft is extremely hopeful about this growth in the years to come... We are only at the beginning here, companies like Infosys have built a global brand. A few years from now, companies in the U.S. will insist that Indian firms be considered for (major) projects,'' predicted Mr. Gates.

With an annual budget of $5 billion earmarked for research and development by Microsoft, India will stand to gain with the firm's new developments especially its goal of trustworthy computing. One step towards this mission has been the progression of web services which is being endorsed as a `low cost web management system.'

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