Microsoft centre to drive ESD strategy

HYDERABAD NOV. 7. Microsoft India Development Center (MIDC) announced the creation of a 30-member group that will work on developing new technologies in the enterprise storage management arena, which will also grow simultaneously with the centre's projected growth to 300 professionals by 2003 end from the existing 150, according to Srini Koppolu, Managing Director.

Addressing a press conference at the MIDC at HITEC City here on Thursday, a week before Bill Gates is to visit Hyderabad, Mr. Koppolu said Microsoft recently set up the enterprise storage division (ESD) to deliver technologies from NAS (network attached storage) to data protection.

In an environment of ever increasing stream of data flow and data explosion, storage management has become a software problem rather than hardware problem and the cost of storage was consistently going up in the last decade.

In this environment, Microsoft's goal was to make the Windows the best possible platform for storage systems and the vision was to make storage reliable, secure and easy to operate, he said.

Microsoft has ESD at Redmond and Hyderabad now, with the latter helping to drive the corporation's ESD strategy. It will be a big effort and ESD will also drive the growth of the India development centre.

Mr. Koppolu, however, declined to go into specifics, saying who is to work on what and what will be the ultimate size of the group in Hyderabad, was yet to be worked out. However the groups in both Hyderabad and Redmond were set to grow, he said. We were in the process of forming a big team and it would be a key contributor to the expansion of the centre, he said.

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