Kundaly Tea fetches a record Rs. 1,601 per kg

Special Correspondent

KOCHI: The Kanan Devan Hills Plantation Company has created history in the tea world by selling its `Kundaly' brand white tea for Rs.1,601 a kg. This is the highest price ever realised by any type of tea in the High Ranges in its 100-year-old history of tea manufacturing. The up-market silvery tipped tea known as `White Tea,' in tea connoisseurs' parlance, has fetched the highest price, claims a press release here.

White Tea, which the company is presently marketing, is a special form of tea, which is manufactured in a specific manner in which only the buds of selectively grown tea clones are plucked carefully and subjected to minimum amount of processing. The withering is done under controlled conditions, even as the buds are sorted and dried in bamboo baskets under low temperature.

The absence of firing and shaping in this process results in the product gaining a unique taste and delicate shapes. White tea, which is but carefully processed fresh and pure tea buds, is very rich in antioxidants and hence it is considered very good for health.