Indian silicon start-up touts `ASICs for all'

Anand Parthasarathy

BANGALORE: An Indian chip design company has married the economics of the assembly line to the customisd skills that go into turning design ideas into working slabs of silicon.

The result is a 'one stop shop' for Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) that is turning out some of the most cost-effective products in the industry, with a failure rate close to zilch.

On Tuesday, Sunnyvale, California (U.S.)-based Open-Silicon, moved its 60-strong development team into a new Bangalore facility which is also its first Design Centre Unit (DCU): in-house jargon for a new approach to silicon chip design, where experts in core areas of expertise like synthesis, timing and 'tape out' ( fabrication-ready files), are mixed-and-matched to multiple design teams who currently churn out over 15 designs a year.

Open-Silicon's co-founder and CEO Naveed Sherwani told The Hindu that the proprietary processes developed by the company had resulted in halving of development costs of a typical consumer ASIC, from about $1.2 million to $600,000.

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