India to see more tech investments

Jennifer Felch

Jennifer Felch  

Have transformed virtually every corner of IT function: Dell

Dell Technologies, based in Texas, says it has dramatically transformed its businesses, since going private in 2013, and has risen to a lead player in both traditional and emerging technologies.

It may be recalled that Michael Dell took his company private in 2013, through a $24-billion buyout with Silver Lake, before it was brought back on the stock market five years later in 2018.

Jennifer Felch, CIO, Dell Digital, told The Hindu that: “We invested $12.8 billion in R&D in the past three years. We have transformed virtually every corner of IT function this year by staying focussed, executing and delivering business value and quality at a higher velocity.” This has made Dell a key enabler of transformative IT trends, including multi-cloud management, edge computing, Internet of Things, digitisation and Artificial Intelligence, she said. The EMC and VMware acquisitions too have helped Dell to become sturdy in technology infrastructure. “Today, we are number one in everything, all in one place, be it servers, storage, PC or infrastructure software,” added Ms. Felch, who is also senior vice-president Global Corporate & Supply Chain, Strategy & Business Operations Dell Technologies.

On the market outlook for India, she said the country would witness significant amount of investments in the areas of cybersecurity, Internet of Things, multi-cloud environment and AI in the next one to three years. As per a recent Dell Technologies Digital Transformation Index, India is the most digitally mature country in the world.

Some 91% of business leaders here believe that digital transformation should be more widespread, compared to 78% globally.

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