FIIs net investments in equities and debt at $2.83 b

MUMBAI, DEC. 30. The net investments made by the foreign institutional investors during January-December 2001 were Rs. 13,235.60 crores ($2.83 billion). On the basis of the data released by the Securities and Exchange Board of India, gross purchases upto December 28 were Rs. 56,613.60 crores and sales Rs. 56,612.60 crores

During December, FIIs' net investments accounted for Rs. 170.80 crores ($35.6 million) with gross purchases of Rs. 3,268.80 crores and gross sales of Rs.3,098 crores.

FIIs were subdued in their activity during the trading week ended December 28 as they netted purchases of Rs. 17.10 crores ($3.5 million) and Rs. 9.8 crores ($2 million) in equities and debt respectively.

Mutual funds (MFs), however, transacted actively in debt instruments during the week registering net purchases of Rs. 173.07 crores while remaining net buyers in equities at Rs. 18.27 crores. according to data available with SEBI.

FIIs purchased equities worth Rs. 86.7 crores while selling to the extent of Rs. 50.9 crores, thus turning net buyers at Rs. 35.8 crores ($7.5 Mn) on December 26, the highest for the reporting week. On December 28, the foreign funds were net sellers at Rs. 45.5 crores ($9.5 million).

On the debt front, FIIs recorded their only purchase of Rs. 9.8 crores on December 26 while abstaining from any other activity during the whole trading week.

MFs were net buyers in debt at Rs. 90.91 crores and Rs. 76.90 crores on December 24 and December 26 respectively.

In equities, MFs recorded their highest purchase of the week on December 27 at Rs. 27.85 crores.

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