CDRI in pact with Ipca Lab

MUMBAI, NOV. 29. The Lucknow-based Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI) has entered into a collaborative-cum-licence agreement with Ipca Laboratories for further development of its compound, 97/98, a promising synthetic substitute for drugs based on artemisinin derived from artemisia annua for treatment of P.falciparum malaria.

The institute has been granted patents for a range of artemisinin derivatives and its synthetic substitutes in the U.S., South Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and also filed in Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Singapore, Indonesia and other countries to meet new global challenges of the malaria incidence covering 300-400 million patients every year including the Indian population of around 2-3 million.

Artemisinin based combination therapy has been recommended by World Heaath Organisation for the treatment of P.falciparum malaria. However, the availability of artemisia annua is in short supply. The gross pharmacological and pre-clinical studies of CDRI compound 97/98 and other related derivatives have shown better efficacy than artemisinin derivatives.

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