BBB tags 75 officers for leadership roles in PSBs

The Banks Board Bureau (BBB), the apex body for selection of whole-time directors of state-owned lenders, has identified 75 senior management personnel of public sector lenders to take over leadership roles in the future.

From a pool of 450 senior management personnel across nationalised banks, an inaugural batch of about 75 personnel has been identified this year to help these banks take on the current and emerging challenges as well as help create a leadership pipeline, the Bureau said in its activity report for the October 2018-March 2019 period.

“They are presently undergoing deeper assessments after which individual development plans will be generated. Shortly, a globally-ranked Indian institution will be identified, where every year, the identified personnel will undergo intensive leadership development journey,” the Bureau said.

‘Complete autonomy’

It has made a case for giving complete autonomy to banks to decide organisational structure for better efficiency.

The Bureau also suggested revamping the credit governance architecture in nationalised banks to reinforce efforts to minimise credit costs and enhance efficiency of credit allocation.

“Incentivise maximisation of risk-adjusted income and disincentivise operational inefficiencies by aligning compensation with right performance metrics through the introduction of performance-based compensation through Employee Stock Option Scheme, which is different from Employee Share Purchase Scheme, and Performance-Linked Incentives,” the Bureau said in its report.

The officers are undergoing deeper assessments, after which individual development plans will be generated