Sony India launches `Xplod' car audio range

Corporate Reporter

CHENNAI: Sony India Pvt. Ltd. has introduced its `Xplod' series of car audio products. Addressing reporters here on Wednesday, Vivek Handoo, Product Head (Mobile Electronics Division), said the new range would comprise 21 models, of which eight were already in the market. The complete `Xplod' line-up, which was priced between Rs. 6,990 and Rs. 19,990, would be introduced by May, Mr. Handoo said.

"Sony is no longer an expensive brand," he said, adding that the main problem the company faced was the duty imposed on its products, which, according to him, was the reason behind the price difference between Sony and other brands. All Sony car audio products were imported and the company had no plans of starting production in India, Mr. Handoo said.

He said the `Xplod' range, which included six CD/MP3 units, eight speakers, four subwoofers, two amplifiers and one visual product, was the first to incorporate a USB (Universal Serial Bus) port in car audio systems. Mr. Handoo said the company would also consolidate its network of exclusive brand stores, `Xplod Pit Stops' (XPS), for its "in car" entertainment products.

Sony, which currently operated an XPS in Puducherry, planned to open three or four similar stores across the region in the near future, he said.