Printo's on-demand services

Special Correspondent

Plans to invest Rs. 100 crore in three years

BANGALORE: Travelling businessmen caught short of visting cards in another city or to-be-wed couple suddenly in need of another 50 invitation cards may find the answer from what is promoted as India's first branded print-on-demand chain Printo Document Services Pvt. Ltd.

Manish Sharma, co-founder and CEO of the year-old Bangalore firm told reporters here on Wednesday that, "we are entering a so far unorganised and fragmented market. We plan to leverage the speed and efficiency of digital printing with an online order model added''.

The Printo website will soon display templates and other graphics and standardised fonts to select from and register orders for delivery within a time limit. To make the retail print shop model effective in its initial stages, Naresh Malhotra, CEO of Cafe Coffee Day, will be joining Printo's board of directors and said entering the large and unorganised market would expand the country's high-growth and profitable services sector. The business model will be six outlets in Bangalore to start with and scale it up to 54 outlets in major cities and Tier-II towns by the end of 2008 and eventually 250 retail outlets in three years.

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