New toolbar from Odyssey

Special Correspondent

CHENNAI: Odyssey Technologies, a software product development company, has come out with a simple and easy-to-follow solution to help Internet users do their online transactions in a secure and safe way.

Odyssey has developed a browser installable toolbar, Snorkel Toolbar. Snorkel, it is claimed, will beef up the security of a user’s interactions with web sites and their services. The utility of Snorkel Toolbar, Odyssey says, should be viewed in the context of increased phishing and pharming threats encountered by users while doing online transactions. The available anti-phishing solutions, more often than not, tend to work on a negative list. “They usually depend on a known phishing site list, which has to be kept updated all the time,” said Robert Raja, Chairman and Managing Director of Odyssey.

Snorkel Toolbar does the validation job by sending out signals in the form of red, amber and green lights and alert any user if the site he/she is visiting is genuine.

Mr. Raja said initially, Odyssey would work with its clients to distribute Snorkel Toolbar.

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