New technology for making domes

Staff Reporter

Kochi: Building shelter in places hit by disasters like earthquake and tsunami is a challenge. A new technology being introduced in India will pave the way for setting up special dome houses within a fortnight.

The technology is already being employed in advanced countries like the U.S. and it would be experimented in Kochi soon, said P.S. Roy, CEO of Express Resources & Projects, a Kochi-based firm. The dome structure could be utilised for ordinary housing needs as well. The technology would be ideal for building schools, resorts, clinics, guard houses, public utilities, conference centres and vehicle garage, he said.

One of the advantage of the dome house was that the space availability would be highest in comparison to the conventional mode. The walls within the structure could be located according to one's convenience. The structure could be built on hills and sea-coast.

While most of the materials used were the same as those employed in regular constructions, an imported compound would be used for quick coagulation, according to Mr. Roy.

The cost would also be competitive, he said.

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