New claimant for the term Sensex

Oommen A. Ninan

MUMBAI: While it is generally accepted that ‘Sensex’ is the term used by the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) to represent its benchmark 30-share Sensitive Index, there is now a new claimant for the term. Pune-based veteran stock market analyst Deepak Madhukar Mohoni has staked claim for the term though he said, “I have no problem with everybody using the word Sensex and I have no intention of registering it as a trademark until I found out that the BSE is trying to register the word ‘Sensex’ as its trademark,’ while talking to The Hindu.

Mr. Mohoni has filed a case against the BSE, claiming exclusive ownership of the term ‘Sensex’ as he claimed that he had coined it as far as back 1989 when he started contributing articles to Business World. He alleged that the BSE was not using the word ‘Sensex’ till 1995. Even newspapers started using the term Sensex before the BSE by 1992-93.

‘Bhav Copy’ was BSE’s popular publication and it started using the term Sensex from 1995. “The only reason I am filing this case is not regarding the ownership of the index but for the word ‘Sensex’. The BSE 30-share Sensitive Index is very much theirs and they are maintaining it since 1985 and there is no doubt that it is a popular index.

When contacted BSE spokesman Kalyan Bose said: “We are not commenting on this as the matter is sub judice.”

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