IATA terms e-ticketing ‘a natural progression’

Special Correspondent

Call to accept it ‘wholeheartedly in this cyber age’

Air India, Indian, Jet Airways announce readiness

Some airports yet to become eligible for e-ticketing

KOCHI: The global implementation of e-ticketing by International Air Transport Association (IATA) from Sunday was a ‘natural progression’ that should be accepted wholeheartedly ‘in this cyber age,’ according to the IATA Agents Association of India (IAAI).

Association president Biji Eapen said in a release that Air India, Indian and Jet Airways had already announced their readiness in this regard and finalised interline agreements for e-ticketing.

Air India had also announced that 11 international on-line stations in its network within India were ‘e-ticket eligible.’ “The only point to be resolved is the issuance of ‘Contract of Carriage’ and the advice on carry-on baggage to the passengers,” the release said.

Most of the foreign airlines operating into India had confirmed to IAAI their readiness for e-ticketing, which included the adoption of infant and group ticketing procedures.

However, on the domestic front, some of the airports in India are yet to become e-ticket eligible.

“One can imagine the confusion that will prevail on international travellers from/to India if the June 1 implementation is deferred while the rest of the world switches over to e-ticketing entirely,” the release added.

The move towards e-ticketing is intended to reduce workload, increase efficiency, quality and professionalism of IATA travel agents. He urged the Centre to intervene and ‘prevent’ airlines from bringing in the concept of zero commission.

Such an action would be harmful as it would lead to reduced income resulting in ‘massive retrenchment in an industry touted to be employment-intensive’ and the largest foreign exchange earner, he said.

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