Horlicks gets new brand identity

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare (GSKCH), a leading player in the health food drinks industry and an associate of GlaxoSmithKline of the U.K., unveiled its Horlicks brand in a new avatar.

Addressing presspersons here on Wednesday, Prashant Pandey, General Manager-Marketing (Horlicks), said the company was making all efforts to reposition itself as a market leader by completing its transition from a health food drink major to a range of food and beverage brand, focussing on the health and wellness category. Besides, it was aiming at maintaining leadership this year with a market share of 52 per cent in the health food category.

Mr. Pandey said in line with transformation in the last one-and-half-years, the company expanded its presence and launched new products such as biscuits, nutribars and instant noodles under various categories.

The idea of undergoing a complete makeover to adopt a unified identity in the look and feel across product portfolio was to position ‘Horlicks' as a range of health foods and beverage brand rather than just a health drinks brand, he said.

He said the elements of the new design had been taken from the brand itself and lend a new identity to the brand.

The new look and feel has been arrived at after a lot of consumer research and the inspiration has been taken from within the brand itself. The wave on the packaging symbolises activity and ‘Sfoorti' and the milk and wheat visual establish Horlicks as the great family nourisher. The blue and orange colours have been a part of the Horlicks brand over the last many years; blue signifies the dynamism/ Sfoorti and orange signifies the association of the brand as the nourisher of the family. Mr. Pandey said over 70 per cent of the company's global turnover comes from Horlicks.

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