Coir exports register volume growth

Staff Reporter

KOCHI: Export of coir products from India during the last financial year went up by 11.15 per cent in volume to touch 1,87,566 tonnes though earnings in Rupee terms came down two per cent compared to the previous financial year.

During 2006-07, coir and coir products exports was 1,68,755 tonnes.

Coir and coir products exports during 2007-08 fetched Rs.592.88 crore.

A Coir Board communication said it appeared that an average of 12.5 per cent appreciation in Rupee against the US Dollar had impacted coir exports in value terms. During 2006-07, coir and coir products exports fetched Rs.605 crore.

The Coir Board claimed that coir and coir products export overcame several hurdles during the financial year under review to touch growth in volume. Coir Board Chairman A.C. Jose claimed that but for the Rupee appreciation, coir exports during last financial year would have fetched a total of Rs.636 crore.

India exports coir and coir products to more than 97 countries across the globe and the United States of America continues to be the single largest market for Indian coir products with a share of more than 40 per cent of total exports.

European countries buy 41 per cent of the Indian coir products.

Exports from India include raw materials like coir fibre, yarn, and curled coir; furnishings like door mats, matting, rugs, and carpets, coir rope and rubberised coir, coir pith-based products for agricultural operations and soil erosion control products like coir geo textiles.

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