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Top priority to welfare, social justice: Governor

‘90% poll promises fulfilled in first year itself’

Decentralisation of administration is the key principle based on which a legislation is in process to have three capitals, Governor Biswa Bhusan Harichandan has said.

Addressing the State Legislature via a video link from Raj Bhavan to formally mark the beginning of the Budget session of the Assembly on Tuesday, the Governor said under the three-capital concept, Amaravati would be the Legislative capital, Visakhapatnam the Executive capital and Kurnool the Judicial capital.

Stating that the government had done exceptionally well in ensuring social justice, he said an impeccable delivery mechanism of welfare schemes was put in place in the form of village and ward secretariats, and that 90% of the promises made in the election manifesto, Navaratnalu, had been fulfilled in the first year itself.

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