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As July 1 nears, GST interface not ready

Third party GST Suvidha Providers say only piecemeal implementation possible by deadline

While the government remains committed to rolling out the GST regime from July 1, GST Suvidha Providers (GSPs), who are expected to help taxpayers cope with the transition to the new regime and its compliance paperwork, may only be operationally ready a few months down the line, say industry players.

“Being very upfront, we are not too confident about the July 1 roll-out deadline,” Tejas Goenka, executive director at Tally Solutions, one of the 34 GSPs so far approved by the GSTN, told The Hindu .

“The GSP model is not the only solution for the GSTN to meet its obligation to the citizens of the country — which is to get a system ready on which they can file their returns. It need not be that the GSP model will be out by July 1.”

Convenient methods

Under the GST regime, the GSPs are expected to provide convenient methods to taxpayers to access and upload their documents and returns onto the GST Network (GSTN), the information technology backbone of the new indirect tax regime.

“Sitting on June 6, we aren’t confident that the GSP business will be ready,” Mr. Goenka added. “What will likely happen is that in the first two months, the government will say: ‘Let us get the basics right and start with pushing the new system out. On July 10, July 15, July 17 and July 20, (the dates on which the monthly I-T returns are to be filed by companies) let people file using the government portal, the offline solution.’ They’ll do something like that to get people to comply and then they will start pushing the GSP/ASP model over time.”

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