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Stage set for civic chiefs' election today

Presiding officer and SEC-appointed observer to oversee election

Special Correspondent

HYDERABAD: The stage is set for crucial indirect election of Mayors and Chairpersons of the municipal corporations and municipalities on Friday.

The meeting will be called to order at 11 a.m. in all the civic bodies where the presiding officer appointed by the district Collector and the observer nominated by the State Election Commission (SEC) would oversee the election of new chiefs.

Election process

The candidate for the office of Mayor or Chairperson has to be proposed by one member and seconded by another. Those candidates representing recognised political party will have to produce the authorisation from the State president of the party by 10 a.m. on the day of election. The election will be held by show of hands.

Draw of lots

In the event of a tie between two or more candidates, the presiding officer will draw lots in the presence of the members, and the candidate whose name is first drawn will be declared elected. Only after the election of Mayor or Chairperson will the election of Deputy Mayor or Vice-Chairperson be taken up.

The whip has no application to MPs and MLAs whether elected on a party ticket or who subsequently became associate members.

All the members have to be present at the special meeting. If a member is not in a position to attend the meeting on health ground, he/she has to take permission of the whip. A member who attends but does not participate in voting will incur disqualification.

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