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Solar net meters getting popular

N. Sridhar, a resident of Saibaba Colony, installed a 3.5kW rooftop solar energy system in his house over three years ago.

The 3,300 sq ft house requires just about three to four units of energy a day as Mr. Sridhar has gone in for energy efficient appliances and gadgets. The additional units of solar energy produced every day are now sent to the grid as he went in for a solar net meter recently. “The solar net meter concept is a good one as I am able to use the required solar energy and give the rest to the grid,” he says.

In its Solar Energy Policy 2012, the State Government announced solar net meters for domestic consumers. Consumers who install grid-connected solar energy systems can use the required solar energy and export the rest to the grid. If the solar energy generated is not adequate to meet the domestic load, they can import grid power.

According to an official of Tangedco, though more awareness is required regarding solar net meters, the concept is just catching on here. An official of Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency (TEDA) said over 30 solar net meters have been installed in Coimbatore in the last two months.

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