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Small industries seek govt. help to overcome rain-related damage

Floods caused by heavy rain on May 29 gushed into many micro, small and medium industries in the Baikampady Industrial Area causing extensive damage to raw material, finished products and machinery in Mangaluru.Special Arrangement  

The Kanara Small Industries Association (KSIA), Baikampady, has said that the recent deluge, besides causing havoc in and around Mangaluru, has caused extensive damage to small and medium industries in the region.

At least Rs. 10 crore loss is estimated to have been caused by heavy rain, said association president Gaurav Hegde in a letter to Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy. He urged the government to come to the aid of affected micro, small and medium entrepreneurs who have been hit hard by heavy rain.

Mr. Hegde said in the letter, “The SME sector is facing a lot of hardship due to demonetisation and implementation of GST. This natural calamity has given a big blow to these industries. We request you to help entrepreneurs who have suffered due to this natural disaster, by giving compensation to recover from these losses, without which some industries may not be in a position to restart.” Mr. Hegde said in the letter that floods caused by heavy rain entered about 60 industrial units in the Baikampady Industrial Area even as those units remained waterlogged for a considerable time. Thus, the entrepreneurs lost considerable quantities of raw material, finished products, packaged material, machinery and electrical infrastructure.

Though the deluge lasted a few hours, it has left a cascading effect on industries, most of which are forced to stop production for days ranging from two to 20, depending upon the extent of damage, Mr. Hegde said.

He also urged the government to address the issue of flawed storm-water drainage system in the area.