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Secretaries panel to discuss issues raised by CVC

NEW DELHI NOV. 10. The Government today announced that a committee of Secretaries would discuss the issues raised by the Chief Vigilance Commissioner (CVC), P. Shankar, with the Prime Minister recently, including the need to remove the "misplaced fear of vigilance in the minds of senior public sector executives."

An official note issued by the Cabinet Secretariat made it clear that during the meeting with the Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, last month the CVC did not mention any names nor did he make any allegations against any Central Minister.

The Cabinet Secretary, Kamal Pande, was also present at the meeting and the clarification has been issued to deny recent newspaper reports that the CVC had complained against some Central Ministers for demanding money and other favours from public sector undertakings (PSUs).

According to the note, the CVC briefed Mr. Vajpayee on the initiatives taken by the Central Vigilance Commission in the last one year when it was reconstituted. He also dwelt on the need to remove the misplaced fear of vigilance in the minds of senior executives of PSUs which often led to hesitation on their part in making decisions. The CVC delineated various measures that could be taken to build both autonomy and accountability in the functioning of the PSUs.

Consequently, Mr. Vajpayee directed that the issues raised by the CVC be discussed in a committee of Secretaries. The meeting of that committee is yet to take place, the note said.

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