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Saddam's secret archives in Moscow?

Moscow April 9. Saddam Hussein's secret archives could already be in Moscow despite the CIA's bid to block their evacuation by firing at the Russian diplomatic convoy near Baghdad on Sunday, media reported today.

Quoting intelligence sources Nezavisimaya Gazeta today reported that Sunday's attack by the U.S. rangers on the Russian ambassador's convoy near Baghdad was a "direct clash between the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service SVR and the CIA".

Moscow had asked the U.S. for safe passage from Baghdad to Syria for its ambassador's convoy and a ``Predator'' drone was hovering over it all along the way from the embassy in Baghdad transmitting live video pictures, the daily said ruling out any case of mistaken identity by the U.S. troops which fired at it. Meanwhile, Russia's Foreign Ministry spokesman denied what state-run television said today were Western media reports that Mr. Hussein had taken refuge at the Russian Embassy in Baghdad, saying they ``do not correspond with reality''.