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Raw vegetables fuel his `engine'

NATURAL BALANCE: With his favourite diet. Photo: Mohd. Yousuf

NATURAL BALANCE: With his favourite diet. Photo: Mohd. Yousuf  

K. Srinivas Reddy

HYDERABAD: Who wouldn't agree that eating vegetables is good for health. But Jaggavarapu Rama Reddy would further qualify this statement. He would like you to eat raw vegetables and shun eating cooked ones. And you cannot disagree with him.

He has been on a raw vegetable diet for over a decade and is now a perfect picture of good health.

`Magic' formula

He got rid of his arthritis problem, his eyesight has become perfect again and his hair fall has stopped. And yes, there is a spring in his step.

He does not keep the health formula a secret. "Eat raw vegetables. If you don't like the taste, grind them into a paste and eat them with a couple of pulkas. Supplement the vegetable diet with lots of fruits and soaked pulses or wheat. You will be cured of all ailments," he would tell you passionately.

Disagreeing with him is not that easy. Not for he lives only on the `raw veg diet.' He comes out with a scientific angle to his argument. "Food is live cell oriented. If you heat it beyond your body temperature, you are killing necessary nourishment you get. We tend to boil it at 100 degrees centigrade in water or 250 degrees in oil medium. What do you get? It's dead food and disease-oriented," he says.

Mr. Reddy's penchant for protecting his health began a decade ago when he noticed that he was becoming bald.

He believed that his intake of vitamins and minerals was not insufficient and hence began experimenting with the food he was eating. As time passed by, he became so obsessed with his diet regimen that he never strayed from it. In the process, he regained his health and became a strong votary of raw, vegetarian diet. In addition to vegetables and fruits, he eats soaked wheat, sprouts and groundnut. A great combination for a healthy life!

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