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Ramdev claims cure for Ebola

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev  

Even as Yoga guru Baba Ramdev has put out an advertisement offering “a health pack” for preventing Ebola virus, health officials have assured that India, which has had no cases of Ebola so far, is equipped to “contain” the virus and have also cautioned against over-the-counter drugs and concoctions that promise a cure for Ebola.

Attempting to quell the alarm over the spread of Ebola, a senior official of the Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry said the health departments and the concerned agencies are pulling out all the stops to screen passengers at all ports of entry to the country for Ebola virus.

“It is not an airborne virus, as many in India tend to believe, the disease spreads only through the exchange of bodily fluids. Doctors and health-care workers who have been infected while treating patients probably did not follow the protocol. As on date a strict screening and monitoring process has been followed and we are ready to contain the virus, as we have done with SARS and swine flu,” a senior Health Ministry official said.

On the claims made by Baba Ramdev in the advertisement that Ebola virus can be prevented through the use of his “health package”, the official said, “As on date there is no proof to prove there are medicines that can cure Ebola. If he is claiming that his Ayurvedic medicines can boost immunity that does not mean it can be a safeguard against Ebola.” The advertisement claims, “There might be an herbal cure of Ebola virus that has recent repapered to the world. This disease is deadly and need to be taken care of immediately. Indian doctors and scientists believe that there might be an effective cure of Ebola virus through herbs. More over there may be certain herbs that are considered to be extremely beneficial in tackling Ebola virus and its deadly symptoms.”

While Baba Ramdev could not be reached for his comment, Dr. Atul Gogia, Consultant, Internal Medicine, Ganga Ram Hospital said, “Drugs to treat Ebola are still under trial, vaccines too are not available. We have nothing to prove or disprove the claims being made to treat Ebola.”

Health officials said that there is no evidence to prove that there are medicines that cure Ebola. They added that Ayurvedic medicines could at best boost immunity