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Panchayat hands over Gudiya's son to grandfather

First husband Arif accepts ruling, withdraws claim

Ghaziabad: Trying to put an end to the episode of Gudiya, who was caught in a dilemma of two husbands during her lifetime, a panchayat in her village has handed over custody of her 14-month-old son Mateen to his maternal grandfather.

Both husbands were present when the Kalaunda panchayat in Greater Noida met on Thursday night and ruled that the biological father Taufeeq would have guardianship rights provided he deposited Rs. 30,000 and transferred half his landed property for Mateen's upkeep. The grandfather, Imamuddin, would be responsible for bringing up the child until he reached 18 years. In accordance with the Shariat, Taufeeq was the father of Mateen, it said. Gudiya's first husband Arif accepted the ruling.

He said he had been in jail in Pakistan for five years and hence he could not take care of his wife Gudiya. - PTI

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