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Pakistan hits back

ISLAMABAD, DEC. 27. In less than an hour after India announced second set of diplomatic measures against Pakistan in protest against the latter's alleged inaction against those responsible for the December 13 attack on Parliament, Islamabad announced reciprocal measures.

Pakistan's decision to respond to the actions of New Delhi in a similar fashion indicates that it has given up its stance of restraint and hit back.

An official statement from the Pakistan Foreign Office tonight said, `` while regretting the escalatory measures announced by India, the Government of Pakistan has been constrained to take reciprocal action in equal measure. Consequently the following decisions have been conveyed to the Indian High Commission in Islamabad: The personnel strength of the Indian High Commission should be reduced by 50 per cent; officials of the Indian High Commission must at all times remain within the municipal limits of Islamabad; and as of January 1, Indian aircraft will not be allowed to fly over Pakistani territory.