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No wilful disobedience: Krishna

NEW DELHI OCT. 3. The Karnataka Chief Minister, S.M. Krishna, has maintained that "all possible steps have been taken to comply with the orders of the apex court and of the Cauvery River Authority" and at no time "has there been any deliberate or wilful intention to disobey the said orders".

In his response to the contempt notice on the petition filed by Tamil Nadu, Mr. Krishna has said that "while making all bona fide efforts to obey the orders of the apex court, I have sincerely tried to protect the interest of farmers, whose crops are standing in about 5.9 lakh acres in the Cauvery basin and to ensure the drinking water supplies''.

"However, if the apex court as the final arbiter of constitutional obligations, were to find any remissness in the situation, I express my regrets'', Mr. Krishna said and prayed for dropping further proceedings in the contempt petition.

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