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No cricket with Pak.: India

KOLKATA DEC. 7. India on Saturday rejected an invitation from the Pakistan President, Pervez Musharraf, to play cricket there, saying sports "and cross-border terrorism cannot go together".

The Sports Minister, Vikram Verma, refused to lift a ban against the Indian cricket team from touring Pakistan, according to PTI. "How can we send the cricket team to play in Pakistan, when they are supporting terrorist activities in Kashmir," it quoted the Minister as saying.

On Friday, Gen. Musharraf invited the Indian team to play in Pakistan. At a meeting with the president of the International Cricket Council, Gen. Musharraf reportedly said he was "all for keeping sports and politics separate". The rivals last played in June 2000 at the Asia Cup tournament in Bangladesh — a match won by Pakistan.

Mr. Verma said he cared less if the Pakistani team decided against touring India. "We are not going to welcome them."

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