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NDA Govt. has failed on all fronts, says Sonia

NEW DELHI MARCH 30. The Congress president, Sonia Gandhi, today virtually put the NDA Government on notice, and asserted that the Congress alone can provide peace, prosperity and security in the country.

Addressing a party rally here, she said the NDA Government was "corrupt and ineffective" and had failed the nation on every front. "This Government has failed on all fronts, except when it comes to corruption. This Government is neck-deep in corruption."

She made it clear that the Congress was undeterred in its decision to take the Government head-on in the run-up to the next round of Assembly elections, leading to the next general elections.

As a part of the party's exercise to re-position itself on the side of the poor and weaker sections, Ms. Gandhi said, "We are committed to the poor, we are with the poor irrespective of their caste or religion."

All the Congress Chief Ministers and even Ms. Gandhi referred to the BJP's attempt to divide society and communalise the situation. Ms. Gandhi said the greatest damage done during the NDA Government's rule was to the country's social fabric.

Social amity and national unity were indivisible. By dividing society along communal lines, the Sangh Parivar was weakening the country's ability to deal with threats, she said.

The BJP's claim on national security came under severe attack as speaker after speaker at the rally referred to the killings in Kashmir, the attack on Parliament and terrorist strikes on the Akshardham and Raghunath temples.

References were also made to the escort of three dreaded terrorists to Kandahar by the then External Affairs Minister, Jaswant Singh.

The Chief Ministers, Digvijay Singh and Ashok Gehlot said the party would not rest till it had thrown out the NDA Government, while S.M. Krishna and Ajit Jogi said it was just a matter of time before the Congress came back to power at the Centre.

At the end of the rally, leaders on the dais, as well the crowd, clapped hands in unison to the refrain of the old battle song, `Hum Honge Kamyab Ek Din' (We shall overcome one day).

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