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Man held for selling wife's kidney to meet liquor expenses

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Unable to secure a job, Kulayappa used to harass his 25-year-old wife frequently for money

HYDERABAD: A man was arrested by the Amberpet police on Wednesday for allegedly harassing his wife for money and forcibly selling her kidney for Rs. 70,000 at Chennai to meet his liquor expenses.

The accused person, Kulayappa (30), came to the city along with his family four years ago from Kurnool district and was residing at Amberpet. Unable to secure a job, the chronic alcoholic used to harass his 25-year-old wife for money. He also allegedly forced her into the flesh trade. Unable to bear his torture, she regularly used to sell blood at Osmania General Hospital with different names and give money to her husband. He then hatched a plan to sell his wife's kidney for more money.

Cheats wife

Kulayappa convinced her saying that he would not harass her if she consented. The unsuspecting woman accepted the proposal and the couple approached a private hospital where the authorities rejected their offer due to conflicting versions of both the husband and wife over donating the kidney, Amberpet Inspector K. Shivram Prasad said. He later took her to another hospital in Chennai last month where her kidney was sold for Rs.70,000, but was back to his old ways again. Vexed over her husband's behaviour, the woman lodged a complaint with the police on Tuesday night. The couple have three children.

The police registered a harassment case against Kulayappa and arrested him. He will be produced in court on Thursday. "We approached MRO for rehabilitation of the woman and her children. Some financial assistance would be provided to her after meeting the district Collector soon," the Inspector said.