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Sheikh Hasina says India’s citizenship law is unnecessary

Sheikh Hasina

Sheikh Hasina  

‘Modi has assured me that NRC will not affect our people’

India’s new law to grant citizenship to the minority communities of Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Pakistan is not necessary, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said.

In a newspaper interview, she said Prime Minister Narendra Modi had assured her that the National Register of Citizens was India’s internal matter that would not affect her people. “We don’t understand why [the Indian government] did it. It was not necessary,” she told Gulf News in Abu Dhabi. The statement is the first by the Prime Minister of Bangladesh since the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill was cleared by the Rajya Sabha on December 11.

During the parliamentary debates, Home Minister Amit Shah referred to the persecution of the minority communities, mainly Hindus, in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan, and argued that these groups should get Indian citizenship. Ms. Hasina distanced her country from the line of the Indian government.

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