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Indian Consulate in Karachi encroached upon

ISLAMABAD Oct.13. The Indian Consulate building in Karachi has again been encroached upon by unidentified persons and the Indian High Commission has lodged a complaint with the city police to evict the illegal occupants.

The building, a property of the Indian Government, has been lying vacant since the Pakistan Government asked New Delhi to shut down the Consulate in the 90s on the charge that "it was being used for purposes other than diplomatic".

In retaliation, the Indian Government had asked Pakistan to shut down its mission in Mumbai.

The sprawling Consulate, in one of the best localities of the city, is under lock and key and under the care of armed guards. However, it has not stopped thieves from ripping off every possible item in the building in the last few years.

It is not for the first time that "outsiders" have occupied the Consulate. If not a recurring feature, it has happened several times since the consulate was shut down. The Indian authorities are wondering whether such a high-profile place in the centre of the city could become a target of vandals and unscrupulous real estate agents without the "connivance" of the authorities at some level or the other.

The Indian High Commission here has taken up the matter with the Pakistan Foreign Office.

The Foreign Office promised to obtain the necessary information from the Sindh provincial Government before deciding on any further course of action.

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