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India coasts to win in Security Council polls

Nation bags 184 of the 192 votes

Terming India’s winning of a non-permanent seat of the UN Security Council one of its “best performances” ever, the Union government said the majority of votes received in the General Assembly demonstrated the “goodwill” the country enjoyed.

India will promote multilateral solutions for the COVID-19 crisis and enhance global action against terrorism, among its priorities, during the two-year term beginning January 2021, it said.

In the election decided overnight on Wednesday, India secured 184 of the 192 votes, far in excess of the 128, or two-thirds minimum, it needed to be confirmed.

Others that won were Mexico with 187 votes, Norway 130 and Ireland 128, defeating Canada, which won 108.

Several countries, including the permanent Security Council members, the U.S., the U.K., France, Russia and China, congratulated India.

Neither Kenya (113 votes) nor Djibouti (78), both contesting for one seat from Africa, won a two-thirds majority.

The two are contesting a second round. In its last bid for the UNSC seat in 2010, India had won 187 votes.

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