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In Delhi, 15 to a room, without a morsel to eat

Scores of migrant workers in the Capital find themselves stuck in their dwellings without work, money, access to food and are wary of stepping out to try and get some rations for fear of being attacked by police personnel following the imposition of the 21-day lockdown, they said on Thursday.

Fazlur Rahman, 22, is holed up in a shanty in Vishwas Nagar, having arrived here only a week ago to start working at a construction site. “We hadn’t even worked for a day before the project was called off because of the [janata] curfew,” he said over the phone. He and 15 other people are now stuck in their room at the construction site. They ran out of food on Wednesday evening, said Mr. Rahman.

“We’re afraid to step out because we’ve seen the police beat up people,” he said. In a video, he shared, Mr. Rahman is seen with folded hands, speaking in Bengali, appealing to the authorities, including the West Bengal government, to help them return home.

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