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Groundwater levels rise in Mysuru district: study

Groundwater awareness initiatives are taken upat the gram panchayat level in Mysuru.— file Photo  

Has the groundwater situation improved in Mysuru district? If the recent study by the Department of Mines and Geology is any indication, the answer is yes.

Out of 58 observatory borewells monitored by the department, 48 reported rise in water level, while seven reported drop in levels. The level has remained intact in another well. The observatory borewells are spread across the district, including the areas which normally reports water crisis.

“The study was done to monitor the groundwater situation. The wells are only used to watch the levels. Compared to the previous year, the situation is better, thanks to good rainfall last year. The rise in levels in water bodies helped rejuvenation of the water table,” said senior geologist Ambika.

Speaking to The Hindu , Ms. Ambika said the department has been monitoring the wells for the past 30 years, and works out action plans for improving the groundwater situation.

“The situation is assessed based on the depth of the water table using certain standard procedures.” The seven borewells which reported drop in levels may get recharged as has happened in the past. “There might be some fluctuations,” she added.

The outcome of the groundwater situation assessed by checking the levels in observatory wells gives a general picture of the situation. “Based on the reports, we read the scenario,” the senior geologist explained.

The seven borewells which reported drop in levels are located at Chikkehiriyur in H.D. Kote taluk; Kilanapura in Mysuru taluk; Sindhuvallipura, Deboor and Hura in Nanjangud taluk, and Bannur in T Narsipur taluk.

The senior geologist said groundwater awareness initiatives are taken at the gram panchayat level and also in schools. The department had installed hoardings/flex boards in 14 to 15 GPs for spreading the message of conserving the groundwater.

Recently, water from 17 borewells had been subjected to quality tests and the results show water is safe for consumption and no impurities had been found, the authorities said.