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Govt. to build more bridges, roads in Naxal-affected States

The National Democratic Alliance government is working on a plan to bring in seamless connectivity between the 10 Naxal-affected States by building bridges and roads. It plans to launch Road Requirement Plan (RRP)-II, on the lines of RRP-I initiated by the UPA government in 2009.

More than one lakh men of the Central police forces have been deployed in these States, and lack of inter-State connectivity has hampered their operations on many occasions.

While RRP-I focused on connectivity in the 35 districts affected by left-wing extremism, RRP-II will prioritise “critical bridges” connecting two or more States to ensure smooth movement of security forces. In effect, not only the 35 worst-affected districts but all 106 Naxal-affected districts are likely to be covered by the new project. RRP-I is still being implemented. According to the latest data available, 30 per cent of the 5,477-km roads to be built under the project are yet to be completed. After it came to power in May 2014, the NDA has added 777 km of roads till June this year.

“We are preparing a Cabinet note and will send it for approval soon. RRP-II will be for inter-State connectivity,” said a senior official of the Home Ministry. The Ministry has asked the States to submit their suggestions.

The aim is to ensure smooth movement of the security forces

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