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Ennobling wait

THERAPEUTIC: Books on Mahatma Gandhi kept at the office of the Inspector General of Police, West Zone, Coimbatore. - Photo: S. Siva Saravanan  

V.S. Palaniappan

Coimbatore: Any petitioner who wants to meet the Inspector General of Police, West Zone, A. Subramanian, at his office will henceforth get a chance to read books on Mahatma Gandhi. Besides making the petitioners utilise their time effectively, this will help them cool off.

"This is a tool to open their minds to the views and opinions of others. This will have a therapeutic effect on the agitated minds," Mr. Subramanian said.

The IG told The Hindu that a number of petitioners came from far off districts to get their grievances redressed. Most of them saw only their side of the problem and failed to look at the issue as a whole. They would expect a solution of their choice. Hence, there was a "pertinent need to tone down the temper of petitioners" before discussing their problems.

Avinashilingam Deemed University recently played host to the release of books on Mahatma Gandhi. The books are a compilation of speeches and preachings of the Father of the Nation.

Twenty volumes of Gandhi's speeches and `Gram Swarajya' are stocked at the reception of the IG's office. On filling up a slip, the petitioners are given the books. They are requested to read a few pages at least, while waiting for their turn to meet not only the IG but also the Commissioner of Police and Deputy Commissioners of Police. When they meet the officers, they are asked about what they read.

This will make them feel free to talk and the gap between the officials and the petitioners gets bridged. The exercise will help the petitioners listen to the merits or demerits of their argument. The exercise began on Sunday and the officials are determined to continue it.