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Australia visa cut to hit Indian IT workers

Malcolm TurnbullPTI

Malcolm TurnbullPTI  

Delhi stunned as ‘457’ scheme scrapped

The Centre said it was studying the implications of the Australian government’s decision to scrap a visa programme that benefited Indians, and warned that the move could have an impact on negotiations on the free trade agreement — Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreements (CECA) — between both countries.

“The government is examining consequences of the new policy in consultation with all stakeholders. This is also a matter we will be looking at in the context of CECA negotiations,” the official spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs said.

On Tuesday morning, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced that he was scrapping the Australian “457” visa programme that allowed Australian companies to hire Indians in a number of skilled jobs.

He said he would in due course replace the programme with a more stringent system, making it difficult for companies to hire non-Australian citizens. “We are an immigrant nation, but the fact remains — Australian workers must have priority for Australian jobs.”

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