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White tiger dies in Park

Staff Correspondent

BHOPAL: Three-year-old white tiger Ishu, the centre of attraction at Van Vihar National Park here, died on Friday night after struggling with fever for more than two days.

According to the park managers, Ishu had a calm temperament and always used to welcome the feeding staff. On Wednesday evening, the staff missed its antics as the tiger was quiet and refused to move. On receiving information, the veterinary doctor and the park ranger rushed to take stock of the situation. Turned out the tiger was running high fever. It was given antibiotic and antipyretic injections and after some time it took some food. Next day the tiger appeared better and its temperature was also normal.

On Friday, the carnivores are kept off feed at the National Park but Ishu was given some chicken in the evening which he also ate. By all appearances the tiger was getting cured. But around 11-30 p.m. the beat staff on duty found it motionless. When the staff went near, it found that that the tiger had already passed away. Post-mortem on Saturday revealed that its liver had ruptured at some places. Park Director J.S. Chauhan told The Hindu that everyone was shocked by Ishu’s sudden death.

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