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Watches, mobile covers to be new smart cards for Metro

Wrist watches and other merchandise will be affordable, says DMRC  

If you are a Delhi Metro user, you will be able to ‘wear’ your travel smart card from next month. The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is going to come up new smart cards in the shape of wrist watches, wrist bands and mobile covers.

These merchandise will work the same way as the smart card but it will mean that you will not have to carry a smart card separately the way you carry a credit or debit card.

“Our smart cards carry a thin chip inside and this chip will now be just embedded inside wrist watches, wrist bands and mobile covers. We have already finalised a vendor who will install these chips inside the merchandise,” said a DMRC spokesperson.

Though the DMRC did not reveal how much these wrist watches, wrist bands or mobile covers will cost, it said the wrist watches would be affordable and other merchandise will be sold at a nominal rate.

“There will be an initialisation charge of Rs. 100 like present smart cards and after that, commuters can top up the amount as per their requirement,” the spokesperson said.

The idea behind the chip based merchandise is that commuters wouldn’t have the hassle of carrying around a smart card separately because these merchandise double up as utility items. According to sources, the corporation hopes to sell about 6,000 such items each month initially.

The DMRC had toyed with the idea of similar merchandise earlier too, when it had come up with smart cards in the shape of key chains. While the key chains didn’t exactly fly off the shelf, the DMRC hopes the ‘cool’ and sleek merchandise it is offering this time would do the trick.