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Virtual fence for vehicles

KEEPING A TAB: A handy tool in logistics —

KEEPING A TAB: A handy tool in logistics —   | Photo Credit: Photo: Special Arrangement

Shanthi Kannan

Owners can now continuously track them

CHENNAI: Vehicle thefts and fuel pilferage have become common these days. Can these be checked? Yes, indeed. Thanks to virtual fencing, stealing a vehicle could become difficult for seasoned thieves. Today one can virtually mark boundaries or points on the map, which would be highlighted. If a vehicle comes to a particular marked area , the system will put out an alert.

Chekhra Fleet Management Solutions is a monitoring device for vehicles. It has been launched by Chekhra, a subsidiary of the U.S.-based EC Manager Inc. Savitha Gundu, Chekhra’s business manager, says vehicle tracking plays a vital role globally in the logistic business. The device works on the GPS/GSM tracking system, widely used in mobile phones, and is pre-configured with a mobile number of the owner. A similar device is also fixed in the vehicle. The owner can call the device and talk to the driver as he does on his mobile phone.

The device, fixed in the vehicle’s dashboard, is fitted with a sim card of any service provider. The card is activated to transmit GPS data to the person sitting in front of a computer. The device gives the latitude and longitude co-ordinates to the card, which then sends the data to an IP address, which is the computer. This data is correlated on the digital map and the location is displayed on the computer screen. The frequency of knowing the location will range from 3 seconds to 24 hours.

The speed at which the vehicle travels or has travelled can be checked out. The system provides details of the distance travelled on a particular day. The location can also be viewed through a mobile phone, if it is GPS-enabled.

Sudhakar Gundu, chief executive officer of Chekhra, says that for corporate clients, the company also offers HR services, which includes managing the employees, driver leave and payrolls.

The cost of the hardware device would vary according to the features on offer. The price of one unit varies from Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 12,000. The software interface would be Rs. 500 a month on a rental basis. The rental covers the cost of storing the continuous data coming from the client’s vehicle and maintenance and technical support.

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