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U.S. military files found on MP3 player

WELLINGTON: U.S. officials took possession on Wednesday of an MP3 player that a New Zealand man found held 60 U.S. military files, including the names and telephone numbers of American soldiers.

Chris Ogle, 29, from the city of Whangarei, said he bought the music player last year for $18 at a thrift shop in Oklahoma City and found the files when he linked the device to his computer.

“I was curious enough to keep looking and I guess the more I looked the more intense it seemed to me,” he said.

“Each time I looked at it I became more convinced... it was possibly something bigger.”

The private information in the files included troops’ Social Security numbers and even which female troops were pregnant.

Details found

Details of equipment deployed to bases in Afghanistan, including the main U.S. base of Bagram, and a mission briefing were found in the files, most of them from 2005. Some files included a warning that the release of the contents was “prohibited by federal law.” — AP

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