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The name of brainy buzz — design

creative: Students at the International Techno Management Festivalâ at Anna University on Friday. —

creative: Students at the International Techno Management Festivalâ at Anna University on Friday. —   | Photo Credit: Photo: S.S. Kumar

Liffy Thomas

Design competitions dominate day three at techno management fest

CHENNAI: Twenty ice-cream sticks, 10 playing cards, six rubber bands, five pencils, three balloons, two candles, a set of clay, a meter-long thread and cello tape and a meter of cardboard… Now, what do you get if you were asked to design a pulley system, where the winner is one whose object displaces to the maximum distance?

A device that works on the principle of physical balance and travelling to a distance of 105 cm or a product that fails to displace as the rubber band is expanding or worst a balance that falls with the weight of an extra load.

Design competitions dominated day three at ‘Kurukshetra,’ the techno management fest hosted by College of Engineering, Guindy, on Friday.

‘Innovate,’ for example, had around 120 teams battling it out on the open lawns of the campus.

“Even a student of arts can participate. You just need to apply your common sense and basic physics you learnt in school and innovate here,” said Navin Durgaprasad, one of the co-ordinators. The team belonging to geo-informatics stream said their successful test was based on all what they learnt in Class VI. The battle of brains continued at ‘Mega Structures,’ where teams had to model a cable-stayed bridge. Though it should see civil engineering students dominating the event, teams belonging to computer science and electrical engineering showed they are game to designing a civil structure.

A few blocks away were two classrooms filled with students putting their creativity on paper to design the interiors of a car.

Shyam V. and team from CEG showed through their sketches how cell phone sockets at every door and laptop folder at the roof of the car could be more helpful.

Anand C.R. and team from Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering removed all complexity in the dash board by designing an interface to integrate all functions.

The winner, however, would be the one who has improvised well on space, utility and other design elements to make the car’s interiors look aesthetic.

Amid the buzz of events on the campus testing engineering skills, one should not be surprised if some youngsters taught it was better to remain at Hall 13, Main Building. Dalal Bull — a simulation of the stock market – —saw around 130 ‘stock traders’ invest money and see their share value rise and fall.

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