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State to act tough on students’ safety

Move to make Australian varsities give undertaking in writing

HYDERABAD: The next time the Australian university representatives visit Hyderabad scouting for students, they will be asked to furnish an undertaking about the safety of the Indians.

The State government is seriously considering a proposal wherein Australian university officials coming to Hyderabad and other cities in the State to publicise the courses offered in their varsities, would be made to give in writing about student’s security, which was of paramount importance.

Higher Education Minister D. Sridhar Babu said, in an interview on Tuesday, that the latest attack on a Hyderabad student had prompted the government to clamp down on the universities to bring some level of confidence in the students going abroad for higher studies.

Briefs YSR

The Minister said he had already briefed Chief Minister Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy about the attack after which the latter had taken up the issue with the Overseas Affairs Ministry.

“The only way some sort of accountability can be fixed on the Australian universities is by seriously seeking an undertaking from them about the safety aspect,” he said.

There are at least a dozen Australian universities, who send their representatives and counsellors to India, particularly Hyderabad, which was turning out to be the biggest revenue earner. “The government plans to hold a meeting with all the overseas consultancies next week,” Mr. Sridhar Babu noted.