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Rise in engineering exporters

M. Soundariya Preetha

COIMBATORE: If the number of engineering industries registering with the Engineering Export Promotion Council is an indication, Coimbatore units catering to overseas buyers directly are on the rise.

M. Ganesan, regional director of the council told The Hindu here on Friday that earlier two to three units used to register with the council every month. In the recent months it had gone up to a minimum of five to six units and most of these were small and medium-scale. These industries were into manufacture of mainly castings, textile machinery spares or automobile components and were earlier catering to the domestic exporters. “When compared to Chennai too, the number of exporters from Coimbatore is going up,” he said and the units were eager to participate in trade promotional events and supply to new markets. K. Kasthurirangaian, who heads the Coimbatore chapter of the council, said this was a welcome change. Earlier, Coimbatore units used to look at Tamil Nadu or the Southern States as their market. Now, they were envisaging overseas branches. “The vision and area of operation has widened and the quality of products is at international level.” The feedback from those already exporting was also giving confidence to the units to look at new markets. Further, availability of Government assistance was encouraging them to travel abroad and showcase products in foreign markets, he said. Currently, Coimbatore had over 400 engineering export companies and their export performance in 2007-2008 was about Rs. 2,839 crore. Of this, 92 units were registered with the council during the last one year. Southern Region constituted 22.7 per cent of the All India engineering exports and of the four States, Tamil Nadu had a share of 67 per cent in 2007-2008. Despite the rupee appreciation against the dollar, engineering exports registered 13.17 per cent growth (in dollar terms) during the last fiscal and the Southern Region registered 22.5 per cent growth, Mr. Ganesan added.

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